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1.- Who can publish properties in offers its publishing and estate developer services to any agency or estate agent. Therefore we provide various technical systems which enable our agencies and agents to update their products in a simple way, fast and daily.

2.- I wish to sell my flat. I'd like it to be published in How? doesn't allow the direct publication of properties by private people. If you'd like your property to appear on our site you'll have to offer its management to one or more of our partner agencies. For this purpose we provide the option Sell Property which allows you to send your request to the chosen agencies immediately.

3.- I can't find the property I'm looking for. How can I contact the advertising agencies?

If you exactly know the property's characteristics, location, approximate price, etc you can send your request directly to our advertising agencies by using Request Property. The agency you chose instantly receive your request and will get in touch with you as soon as they have a property that might be interesting to you.

4.- Why is it useful to register?

As soon as you're registered, you have to identify in the User and Password field which are on our main page or in the lower line on any of our pages. This will give you the possibility to speed up the sending process of requests to our partner companies. Like that your contact details will already be filled in on all forms. On the other hand, if you are registered you can save all interesting properties in order to recheck or compare them all by using your private section Among other things you can save your search and receive information about properties that fit your preferences. Access our Registration area in order to check all the advantages.

5.- I'm an estate agent and I'd like to advertise mi properties on your website. Which are the available options?

Our website offers different possibilities to agencies and agents in order to advertise their properties. The most complete and comfortable way is to use SB-Inmo, a property management program that allows you to control and follow up all your company's processes and at the same time you can publish your properties and photos on our site with just one click and optionally on your own site as well. For more information visit If you already have other software or you're not interested in this option we will activate a private area for you from where you can introduce the properties and photos you'd like to publish. Additionally you can access further services (follow-ups on published properties, former search details, received contacts, collaborations with agents and companies, etc.)

6.- What is the cost of this service?

The cost of publishing varies depending on the amount of properties you'd like to advertise and the province they belong to. For this reason we kindly request you to contact our sales department either by phone, calling 902 319 320, or by e-mail, mentioning the name of the company, town, contact person, phone number and preferred contact time. We will be pleased to give you all the information you need without commitment.

We recommend you to visit our site regularly in order to take advantage of the best opportunities.

For any kind of enquiries, comments or suggestions please contact us through the following e-mail or phone number:
Phone: 902 319 320


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