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Since our opening in 1999, we at BuscoCasa.com have put all our enthusiasm in making the acquisition of the ideal property easier for our visitors, providing the necessary means for searching and finding the suitable properties and to contact the best estate agents, which makes phone calls and travels unnecessary.

We hope to satisfy our site’s users. For this purpose we provide some new sections and various functional and technical improvements which we hope will be to your liking.

We recommend you to register if you haven’t done it yet. This will enable you to take advantage of all the possibilities our site offers. Please check the variety of advantages available after registration.

If you are the owner of a property and wish to rent or sell it in the easiest and fastest way the option Sell property enables you to send your details and the characteristics of your property directly to one of BuscoCasa’s partner agents. Like that they can contact you shortly and add your property to the available offers at BuscoCasa

The section Request property enables you to contact all partner agents of BuscoCasa, which then will advise you with prior knowledge of your property’s characteristics in order to find your ideal home in the most efficient way.

We hope you feel comfortable on our pages and will meet your demand without effort and with maximum speed. For this purpose we remind you that our property offers are updated daily with new inclusions directly by our partner agents.

We recommend you to visit our site regularly in order to take advantage of the best opportunities.

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